Ti-Sn Steel

easen incorporated cutting-edge Australian coating technology and patented Ti-Sn metallic paint system to create the corrosion resistance and thermal insulating series, compared with regular Colored steel ,there are seven advantages of Leasen Ti-Sn steel : 15°lower surface temperature , high density alloy coating, four layers of paint films, metallic paint, super tolerance against weathering, super tolerance against salt spray, Four paint four bake coating process. Leasen Ti-Sn steel is specifically designed to withstand severe environment like : Livestock farming facility, chemical plant, casting workshop, acid pickling plant and light steel villa.


Leasen Livestock farming specialty steel

Alkalinity of cleaning detergents used in livestock sheds and the ammonia derived from animal waste combined with high humidity in the sheds created a very corrosive environment with complex conditions, Leasen livestock farming speciality steel is specifically created to address these issues ,to extend the service life of the sheds .


Al-Mg-Ma Coated

Extensively used in sports stadium, convention center, museum, airport , train station, large scale transportation hub and cultural and commercial center.


Acrylic Coated

Using Leasen’s proprietary heat-laminating technique ,the superior corrosion resistant of acrylic and the strength of the steel are perfectly combined to tackle extremely harsh environments such as :power plant , ceramic factory and acid pickling plant

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