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We strive to provide innovative and specialized colored steel products to our clients with superb product quality and customer service,and offer cutomized solutions to meet individual needs.


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Leasen specialized in producing colored steel products with superb performance in corrosion resistance and thermal insulation to help property owners to avoid costly roofing replacement and repaires.We extend our invitations to roofing professionals worldwide to join us to offer a product with longevity and lasting beauty.


About Leasen

leasen New Material Co. LTD incorporates Australian cutting-edge coating technology with Leasen's patented metallic paint system to produce high performance specialty colored steel, we provide "performance oriented customization " service. Our products are inspected and certified by TUV, CNAS, IAF, Energy Star, State Chemical Testing Certer,State Construction Quality Supervision .There are seven advantages of Leasen steel: 15 °c lower surface temperature,high density alloy coating, four layers of paint film,metallic paint,super weathering tolerance,super tolerance against salt spray,professional customization. Leasen steel is created for harsh environments such as : Livestock farming facility, chemical plant, acid pickling workshop,iron casting factory and residential light steel villa.

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