Fujian Leasen New Material co., ltd. was founded in 2013  in Putian ,the city of Mazu - a sea goddess worshiped by Chinese throughout the world .It is a coastal city located in central Fujian with convenient and well developed transportation system.The company incorporates advanced Australia steel coating technology  to  produce high performance colored steel plate with better solar insulation, greater corrosion resistance that are aesthetically appealing and enjoys longer service life,which can also be customized for usages in different environment.  It is one of the professional colored steel coating R&D  and production centers in China.

 Fujian Leasen New Material CO., LTD. Has a complete organizational structure. Under the Board of Directors are :Australia based R&D Department, General Manager Office, Finance Department, Production Department, Human Resources Department, Sales Department, Quality Control Department, After-sales Service Department, Logistics Department and Field Supporting Department.

The total investment is expected to be around 500 million yuan.

The company adheres to the concept of "forging brand recognition through quality excellency" and conducting its business in the manner of “customer oriented with uncompromising integrity “  we are devoted to provide the service ofcustom made high performance colored steel products with superior quality We have established a mechanism to develop new product lines with Australian core technological advantage to enhance  company's overall competitiveness.

The company's first production line has a 120,000 tons annual output capacity, and a second production line with annual output capacity of 150,000 tons is currently under design. We have established extensive and in-depth long-term cooperative relations with over 1200 distributors in more than 20 cities and provinces throughout China , and have successfully entered southeast Asia, South America,  Africa,Australia and other overseas markets, and gained extensive recognition from users

Fujian Leasen New Material Co. LTD has introduced a new Australian insulation coating technology to produce high performance Ti-Sn colored steel that provides better insulation against solar heat and resistance against corrosion,and able to customize according to the environmen  where the product is used  There are 7 distinctive advantages of Leasen Ti-Sn colored steel compared with normal colored steel:  1.  15°c  lower surface temperature . 2. high density metallic alloy coating. 3. four layers of paint coating. 4. thicker zinc coating. 5. superior weather tolerance ability. 6 superior salt spray tolerance ability. 7. four paint four bake coating process.   Quality excellence is the core of Leasens corporate belief , its products are tested and certified by TUVCNASIAFENERGY STAR and China State Chemical and Building Material Testing Center, State Construction Supervising Bureau.Due to their superiority in corrosion resistance , Leasen s products offer better performance in Steel Frame structure, Livestock Farm , Chemical Plant, Acid Pickling Plant and Die Casting Plant .

Leasen strives to build a high quality enterprise with global significance . In terms of operation and management, Leasen promotes paperless office and constantly seeks ways to improve operation efficiency.We believe in innovation drives growth and have achieved a  OA  management system. Leasen adheres to "competency oriented" talent management concept in terms of talent acquisition. It focuses on the cultivation of comprehensive qualities with moral integrity, It has established a training and assessment system that seeks to improve its employees’ overall qualities and personal image.

Fujian Leasen new material co., LTD. seeks partnership with like-minded people to lead the colored steel industry forward with futuristic products and create a better future for all of us.

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